What is Mikido?

    Mikido defined: Mikido is a combination of Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Arnis, Kali, Kata and Martial Art Weapon Training. Founder Mike Hess combined all these forms of Martial Arts and developed Mikido, as we know it today.

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    Why us

    • Family Owned and Operated
    • Mikido a way of living positivly
    • Training with love and respect for all

    Benefits of Mikido

    • Cardiovascular Strength
    • Mind Body Control
    • Superior Fitness

    What Students Say

    Mike Hess students are like family. We have trained many students over the years, and are committed to seeing each of them succeed not just in MiKiDo but in Life" 
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    •    Trained champions in MMA, Kickboxing, MMA, weapons, forms, point fighting with over 500 wins
    •    Over 100 National & International Titles
    •    Dedicated his life for many years in teaching people of all ages self defense
    •    Holds black belts in 5 different styles
    •    Virginia's lightweight kickboxing champion
    •    Undefeated full contact stick fighter
    •    Over 35 years experience
    •    One of few black belts who have competed in boxing, karate, judo, empty hand and full contact at National & International Competitions

    Brent Hess

    Brent Hess is continuing his fathers legacy by carrying the foundations of Mikido into the next generation.