Mike Hess started Martial Arts when he was twelve years old. Earned his first black belt in the army and earned six black belts in his career in different styles.
Mike was kickboxing champion for 10 years and was rated #5 in the world and held the Virginia title for ten years, he also was the undefeated stick fighting champion.

Mike Hess developed his own Style of Mixed Martial Arts of self defense in 1982 called “MiKiDo” – My Powerful Way , one of the first pioneers on MMA. Mike ran successful programs in Northern Virginia for over 25 years teaching Fitness and Self defense along with helping the community.

Mike Hess as a coach has won over 107 National and International kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts tiles and over 500 tournament wins in fighting, weapons, forms and breaking competitions. Master Hess won lightweight and heavyweight breaking competitions. He has successful trained his family, Maria Brent and Nicole Hess in attaining their Black Belts in MiKiDo. He has been voted top coach and top team numerous times in his career. Master Hess has over 50 MiKiDo Black Belts.

Mike is successfully transitioning the MiKiDo System to his son Brent Hess and is currently a candidate for Guinness’s book of records as top amateur coach with the most Titles.