Mike Hess, the founder of Mikido, has taken all his knowledge and experience in the various martial arts and created this unique art of self defense and fitness. The Mikido system is a well-rounded and effective training program. It is adequate for all ages and geared towards family fitness. Mikido is not only a martial arts system but also a “way of life” as it also emphasizes love and respect among the family and every one around. It encourages harmony among each other no matter what nationality of religion.

Master Mike Hess Training History
In 1972 while living in Germany he started martial arts training in the military at 18 years of age. He began competing in boxing and karate tournaments.

Jiu Jitsu- The basic foundation of Mikido is Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Rickson Gracie is one of the most effective martial arts forms from Brazil. Master Mike Hess received his foundation of Mikido from studying with the world champion of Jiu Jitsu, Rickson Gracie.

Tae Kwon Do – Mike Hess studied with Master John Rhee to develop his Tae Kwon Do skills. Mike competed in several international tournaments in Kata, Sparring Weapons, and Breaking.

Karate – Mike Hess holds 2nd degree black belts in Shorinji Ryu this is where he learned the importance of the low kicks, shin endurance and strength.

Kickboxing – Mike Hess was rated #5 in the world by the Professional Karate Association. He is the Virginia lightweight champion. He was featured several times on ESPN Sports Networks. He was one of the first fighters to fight on ESPN. At that time he was part of the “Kick of the 80′s” which was a form of ESPN advertising. He has also trained and coached several undefeated Mikido teams in full contact competitions.

Arnis/Kali – Is a Philippine martial arts form. Mike Hess studied with famous masters like Dan Inosanto, Leo Gaje and Chris Sayoc. He has won many competitions in weapons forms, and full contact stick. In 1993 he won an international competition against the top stick fighters in the world. He is one of the highest ranking and undefeated stick fighting champions in the world.

Weapons – Mike Hess over the years has been mastering okinawan weapons like the num chuck, bow, tonfa, knife and machete.

Judo – Mike holds a black belt in Judo and has competed in National tournaments.