As a Mikido student you learn how to become a leader and make a positive impact in society. You will appreciate life and how short it is and you most enjoy it to the fullest in order to build happy memories. You will realize that family is very important not only your blood family but people that come to be close to you. You will love and respect one another. You will become part of the Mikido family. We have trained many students over the years, and are committed to seeing each of them succeed not just in MiKiDo but in Life”

The young students of Mikido will be taught:

• To staying fit in school with no drug usage
• To use the powerful way at whatever they are doing
• To do the best that they can
• To keep a positive outlook in life
• To always strive to find the best side to every situation and everyone around.

Mikido is a friendly way
Mikido is a loving way
Mikido is a caring way
Mikido is a my powerful way